jogging Shoes For Horses
Worlds first jogging shoes for horses!  
Why choose Equine Fusion?

The Equine Fusion jogging shoe is designed to be as close to the ground as possible and follow the complex biomechanics of the hoof.

We know that the hoof I functioning as shock absorber when the horse lands at the ground. To be able to do that, the hoof has to be able to expand during landing.
If the hoof expands to pick up the shock, the horse needs a shoe that expands together with the hoof.

As you can see from traditional size chart the lock system is often based on being as close to the hoof capsule as possible and some even needs a hoof trimmer to adjust the hoof to have a perfect fit. The under sole is made of non-flexible materials that does not allow hoof expansion, or a lock system that are holding the hoof capsule and therefore no or minimal natural shock absorbing can take place. 
Remember; a part of the shock abortion and gait is a fully collapsed heel.

The reason why we call it a jogging shoe:

To be as close to the ground as possible also means to be as close to the roll over momentum as possible, to allow the horse to not stress the (Flexors) more than necessary. 

This means that the concavity in the hoof capsule is filled with dynamic mass and not static mass as it will in nature.  This is to create a ball joint and help the stability and roll over for the horse.

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Jogging Shoes For Horses
Jogging Shoes For Horses
Jogging Shoes For Horses
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Worlds first jogging shoes for horses!

Jogging Shoes For Horses