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Worlds first jogging shoes for horses!  
Introducing Ultra

Equine Fusion Has improved the sole, and made the best shoe so far.

Equine Fusion has improved the performance sole, and the new shoe is named Equine Fusion Ultra. The new Ultra has been made of an improved rubber compound for maximum grip and wear resistance.  The new rubber compound combines the maximum strength needed for excellent wear resistance, with the softness required to give the flexibility and dampening the hoof needs to function as normal.

The new Ultra has increased stability for the hoof wall and better dampening on hard surfaces. This has been done by adding more material in a horseshoe pattern. The solid part of the rubber is increased by 1,25 mm for increased dampening and  the height of the studs has been reduced accordingly to keep the same overall sole thickness. The new Ultra pattern also gives the shoe more flexibility in center for maximum frog pressure, improved balance and roll over.  The surface of, and space between the studs has also been increased to prevent soil and mud to get trapped

With the new Ultra Equine Fusion is covering sizes from 9,6cm to 15,5cm, with adding size 10, 14 and 15 to our portfolio. 

The ULTRA sole has these qualities:

- A higher durability in rough terrain such at gravel and asphalt and more protection for horses in transition or with sensible hoof on rough terrain
- More flexible center for increased concavity
- Better grip on terrain such as mud, wet grass and forest
- Less traction on asphalt to allow for the sliding phase of the hind legs



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Jogging Shoes For Horses
Jogging Shoes For Horses
Jogging Shoes For Horses
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Worlds first jogging shoes for horses!

Jogging Shoes For Horses