jogging Shoes For Horses
Worlds first jogging shoes for horses!  
Jogging shoes for horses


The Team and the Story behind the Equine Jogging Shoe

The company was founded when a dedicated horse owner had a horse that always seemed uncomfortable and despite of veterinary checks and treatment it never seemed to get better. As a last resort the metal shoes was removed. The horses hooves had to go through a rehabilitation period. This horse was in need of a shoe that did not put any restriciction on the use of the horse. Equine Fusion was founded in order to develop a shoe that would work with the anatomy of the hoof, creating natuaral balance, stability and dampening. Equine Fusion was founded by a dedicated multi skilled team. The goal was to make a shoe that can give hoove protection in a natural way and protect the hooves in the most natural and comfortable manner for the horse. The Jogging Shoes is developed by engineers in cooperation with veterinarians, renowned horse trainers, hoof trimmer and experts in shoe material and construction to achieve a shoe that perform in according to the horse anatomy and biomechanical function.

Horses can get sore and uncomfortable when metal shoes are first removed. Restoring function to a horse’s hooves requires that the hooves get the protection needed in order for the horse to have a comfortable hoof rehabilitation period. The wear of the hoof can exceed the limit for the hoof and cause sore hooves.

When the horse needs protection the shoe provides comfort and support and otherwise the hoof gets strong and work in natural environment when the wear of the hoof is not excessive. The shoe conforms to the individual hoof and ground giving the horse the most natural step possible promoting the natural function of pressure on the frog and contact with the ground. This promotes the natural hoof and gives great comfort and protection.

The shoes give the horse feeling with the surface and in addition to protection from hoof wear and shock absorption increases the balance andstability and comfort for the horse. The key features for this product is to give the horse comfort and the rider ease of mind through a flexible shoe that works with the hoof giving it support, dampening and grip.
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Jogging Shoes For Horses
Jogging Shoes For Horses
Jogging Shoes For Horses
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Worlds first jogging shoes for horses!

Jogging Shoes For Horses